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:: soooooooooooooo drunk ::

At Yileeny's place.
So drujnk.
this is a drunk messgee

iWE had lots of rum/coke and screwdrivers... and now we're drinking vanilla vodka.

So great.

Yogi's sleeping. Poor boo.

Kathtryn: "i am way drunker than Kathy. even though I love kaaaaaaaaathy"

Yileen: "I'm not drunk."

ZMan! I totally forgot about this place and o0ur reaolytiohn about m
aking drunk posts!
This is Kathryn, by the way. I'm gonna feel like an ass in the morning!

This is kathy now. Our goal is to stay up till 2:00am....

Yileen: Compared to my 5 last...morning while waiting for Sailor Moon Live action to download?

Leave me alone Kathy. IT WAS ALLL FOR YOUR BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!
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Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat the fuck?
Actually, looking back on that now.. Yileeny was the one who said "Leave me alone Kathy...!!!!!"
woahhh this is weird.. but it's paige...

i miss you kids!!! and poor yogi, he gets drunk way too easily.
i just saw kathryn in greensboro last weekend when i was down there with some friends.

<3333!! Paige! Man, that post is old. XD

This is Kizzathy. We should hang out sometime! My cell is 961-1837
hell yeah.

i'm adding you on here too

feel free to call me since im so bad at calling people. 387 8027.

loveee ya